Take your kicking game to the
next level
Track My Kicks is a progressive workout plan that helps develop Kickers and Punters of all ages.
TMK developmental workouts help increase
Accuracy, Distance, & Confidence.

  • Every Kick Counts
    Kickers try to make 10 out of 10, or 20 out of 20 for place kicks, and expected location, distances and hang times for punts and kickoffs.
    TMK selects random distances and placements for all place kicks. No two place kicks are the same in a workout.
  • standard workouts
    Grade-based workout, where the Coach or Kicker selects the level and the number of kicks and the workout is generated by TrackMy Kicks.
  • custom workouts
    Coach or Kicker selects the placements, Min/Max yardage, and the number of kicks for place kicks, and the number, type, and location of kickoffs and punts.
  • challenge kicks
    Place kicks used to challenge a kicker’s maximum range. These kicks are longer kicks at the end of the place kick workout.
  • track kick results
    Track practice and game Place Kicks, Kickoffs, and Punts to create a kick portfolio for Coaches and Kickers to analyze. Focus on each kick to create a strong kick portfolio.
  • comprehensive analysis
    Comprehensive statistical analysis included to analyze a single workout or game, or multiple workouts or games.
03/30/2016  -  Good luck to all Kickers and Punters in Spring Ball!